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Deb Smith

Sing The Verses Out My Head

 This woman’s words chronicle a journey of experience through the torrid waters of pleasure, pain, struggle, love, and tranquility. Hum the verses that connect a truth that resides within us all. 


JyJuan Brock

Poetry Behind the Wall

In this amazing book of poetry JyJuan Brock share personal and intimte thoughts.



Devantae Butler

"Isolation is the transformation to elevation". You are about to enter into a new season which means you have to leave the old you behind! 

With new book by Devantae Butler Breakthrough you will gain the power of challenging the discipline you need so that you can collaborate with God to reach your extraordinary destiny. It's  mindset that will ultimately lead to your BREAKTHROUGH


The Emancipation of the Prodigy

E. Davis 

Dark family secrets force art prodigy Storm McCoy to take control of her life but with her choices of her friends and business associates her life does not become her own, forcing a mental break down.  Will the prodigy become emancipated?



TK Simpson

Faith has to choose between her brother  Ricky or his best friend, Talon, the love of her life. The choice can cost in her life.


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