The Emancipation of the Prodigy

book by E. Davis

Dark family secrets force Hilton and Valerie Jones to raise their niece Storm McCoy. Once they saw that Storm is an art prodigy, Hilton and Valerie saw the opportunity to emerge from the pit that those dark secrets place them in. Under their controlling yet loving guidance, Hilton and Valerie groomed Storm into social royalty. Then one day Storm learns of those family secrets. Feeling betrayed, she vowed to live her life no longer under the thumb of her aunt and uncle. With the instruction of her best friend and mentor, Storm has a very successful art career as a art dealer. However she finds herself still under the control of others. Living in a self imposed exile, Storm must deal with the past and those expose those  secrets, if she will ever be emotionally emancipated.

Another Slice of Pie

book by E. Davis

When Andrew Gallagher saw the beautiful Lydia Rose singing at Ms. Ida's House of Soul, he knew that there was something familiar abut her. From the way she looked to the way she sung a particular song, Andrew realized who Lydia Rose is. At Andrew's favorite diner and over a slice of apple pie, Andrew and Lydia make a decision that will change their lives...., forever

August Schofield: The American Dream

August Schofield, a single mother and writer is living her dream. She writes full time, takes care  of her daughter, and lives the luxurious life, but her one desire is to write the greatest American novel; her magnum opus, that book that would cement her as one the world's greatest authors.  But August desires overshadows the evident that she is the epitome of the American Dreams. She must realize that is not about the book or books but the being the individual that has set the standard for greatness.

Will August see that all she has accomplished she is living the dream or will she write her self mad trying to write an unattainable concept?

Nine Fruit of the Spirit

by William White

A short Bible guide for children of age to be nearer to God and enrich their lives, by reflecting on their studies of the Bible, that one day they will inherit the Kingdom of God

Caught up in the Lifestyle

R.L. Thompson

Basil Smith and his crew known as the Rubies, indulge in fast money, fast women, which forces them to get caught in the lifestyle.

TK. Simpson

A journal through the mind of a thirteen year old transitioning from being just a thirteen year old and blossoming into adult hood


Devantae Butler

A Guide to Reaching Your Full Potential

Voices From the (school-to-prision) Pipeline

A black male educator's memoir of how the educating system failed to prepare African-Americans children for life after school. 

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