Writers Block Books

Another Slice of Pie

 E. Davis

When Andrew Gallagher meets Lyida Rose, they realize that they must make a decision that will changed their life forever

The Emancipation of the Prodigy

E. Davis

Dark family secrets nearly destroys, Storm McCoy's life. Which forces her to take her mental and emotional freedom into her  own hands

August Schofield: The American Dream

E. Davis

Her quest to write the greatest American novel, August Schofield looses site of what is really import. 

A Period of Time

E. Davis

Emerald Dixon must learn to succumb to her insecurities and learn to live life happily ever after

Flaming Blue

E. Davis

River Daniels must deal with unresolved issues or get caught up in the flames

The Nine Fruit of the Spirit

William White

A short  Bible guide for children of age to be nearer to God and enrich their lives by reflecting on their studies of the Bible that one day they will inherit the kingdom of God

Caught up in the Lifestyle

R. L. Thompson

Basil Smith and his crew, known as the Rubies indulge, in a dangerous lifestyle of fast money and fast women